Thursday, 23 August 2012

The bottom

"There's no winning or losing, only learning."

Hello out there. I am an aspiring animator currently studying at Max the Mutts' classical and computer animation program. This blog will contain updates of school work including pictures and hopefully video of projects, as well as thoughts and opinions of the program itself and of course, of life in general.

 Currently impatiently awaiting to attend the second year of the course. Upon attending the school I have to put most negative opinions of Max the Mutt to rest. A school is a facility designed to teach students new skills that are practical and will allow the student to succeed in the future occupation of his or her desire, and Max holds these qualities in spades. I honestly have never learned so much in such a short period of time. From being for the most part artistically illiterate  at the beginning of the year, I know know how light an shadow is used to bring depth, the general proportions of the human form, how to paint in both oil and watercolor, how to compose an image to establish a certain mood, and more. The only issue, you get out almost solely what you put in, and those with a flimsy work ethic need not apply. Our class dropped from the already tiny fifteen to an echo-inducing ten, and that was the easy year. With classes going into second year exceeding 50 hours a week, It won't be getting easier.

  Looking forward to it non the less, as this year is less art focused and more animation focused, which I'm excited for. I'm already literate in the basic concepts of animation and am well versed in flash, and will be posting updates from upcoming projects. I'll also be posting updates on Without Waking Children here as well; twenty songs are complete and ready to go with demos coming no where near soon.

For Animation:

For Without Waking Children:

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