Thursday, 20 December 2012

All Righty Then

"Your hand needs to get used to listening to your brain..." Bruno Tacchino

My final animation for first semester, George Jetson doing a quick impersonation of Ace Ventura. Was, as usual, lots of fun to do.

  I also have it posted on my new youtube account, so by all means check it out and subscribe if your so inclined.

   So school is finished for first semester and I am pleased to say I passed. My personal, positive opinion on the school has remained relatively unchanged, apart from strengthening the point that the school is what you make it. No one is going to push you to greatness, apart from yourself.

    Case in point, first half of first semester we had a teacher for our Anatomy class who's name I won't disclose. The first class was OK; we were placed in front of a skeleton and told to play around with drawing different areas. However we were starting to worry when play time continued for then next few weeks, especially when our life drawing instructor was asking us to point to our Trocanter (the top end of the femur), and was met with blank stares.

    We could have done nothing. Animation students one year ahead, we were amazed to hear, kept him around all semester, enjoyed their playtime and passed the class. Did they learn anything? I could have cared less really, all I cared for was my own education that I was paying for and wasn't getting. If this was all it took to be an Anatomy teacher, then where do I sign?

    We all agreed, and after notifying staff, by the end of the first half of the semester the Anatomy dud was gone from the building. His replacement was the much more professional and helpful mind of Steve Millard, and I now know the name of every sore muscle in my body.

    So really its all in what you make it. For those curious about attending, the school is not overly obsessed with the initial skill of its students. All who are interested can apply and will most likely be accepted, but to succeed, leave all ego at the door, and bring your organisational skills and sense of humor (you need to laugh at your mistakes, A LOT) and you will knock it out of the park.

Peace out!

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