Saturday, 16 March 2013

They just want me for my Body (of Work)

"Animation is like cooking soup, you can't add to many or too little ingredients. Balance the Principles for the tastiest results." Bruno Tachinno

   Well, another week in the books, and the pressure is really starting to mount. Portfolios requirements have been assigned and only 3 weeks left to complete them, its going to be a hard home stretch. I am also looking for summer jobs downtown this year, which is a different beast to tackle altogether.

   One of my teachers and I had an interesting industry chat last night discussing how the animation industry gets royally screwed over by people working for cheap/ free. 

 I could go on and create a wall of text, but there is someone more qualified then I who makes the point just as clear as I ever would have. Ladies and Gents, Mr. Steven Silver .

   Intense, yes, but very valid. The point that struck me was when he mentions other fields. A plummer, and electrician, a banker, all professionals that do what they are trained to do and get payed properly, why does it have to be any different with artists?

   My teach was in the same situation with a college of his at work, who apparently on a lunch meeting was criticizing him for wanting more pay then he felt was right. '55 a year is enough' the college said, but my teacher retaliated stating that if he was to lower his prices, then the payment for all those underneath him would take a hit as well, inadvertently making it that much harder for us all to make a decent living.

  Moral of all this, don't sell yourself short. Be confident, but not cocky, and you will be the working professional self sustained artist you have always wanted to be.

Have a good one!


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