Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pitch Perfect!

    Hello again, fellow artists and animators!

   On April 25th, TAAFI will be holding their annual 'Welcome to the Industry' party at the Vogue Supper Club. With so many gathered in one place, I figure there is no better time to talk networking.

    Networking, in short, is building mutually beneficial connections that last. Getting to know people, and more importantly getting people to know you. Employers are looking for personality that will best fit the collective team they are looking to complete. If they feel you are the right piece, the skills (though important) are secondary.

     Presenting yourself in a natural, confident way is always the best. Confidence can be gained through a little prep-work (check who is going, what company they are from, and have an opinion on that companies work), as well as keeping in mind that we are all human and we all are here to do the same thing. Finally never be afraid to say hello; worst that could happen is getting a cold shoulder that you probably don't want to work with anyway.

   Keep this in mind, and I promise networking can be equal parts business and pleasure!

  Jacob Whyte
Max the Mutt Student ambassador, TAAFI 2014


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