Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The lead runs deep...

Hello, everyone! Yes, it has been a long time. Yes, posts have been few and, yes, that is going to change (sort of). To supplement the lack of art, I'm going to disperse it throughout this post.

This past three and a half months have been devoted to our final traditionally animated short at Max the Mutt. As the first semester ending last year was preproduction, second semester is bringing it all together.

Its very exciting, having done some shorts in the past I'm familiar with the huge feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing a short, so its almost more exciting to be working beside others who are going through the process for the first time.

 However, theirs a lot of weight on the whole groups shoulders at the moment. We are working on our films, but at the same time are dealing with the average Max the Mutt homework load (aka a hell of a lot).

  Even with my little bit of experience ( The amazing feeling of having a short to call your own ), I'm finding it hard to stay focused and meet expectations in all areas. I could only imagine how others are coping, if at all.

  It would be such a shame for anyone of our group to come so far, to learn SO MUCH! Only to have their first shot at a creative vision squashed by process of creating it. We made it all the way to the third year, we KNOW we know what we are doing otherwise we wouldn't be here.

If anyone from class reads this, hang in there. Pain is only temporary, and watching the final product in motion you will remember the hardships only with a grin glued to your gills.

Cheers, everyone! This will be my lasts posts on blogger as im setting up a weebly site. That way all the work is in one place and organized along with the blog.

Jacob Whyte.

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