Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dressed like a little girl.

 After the stress of a long few weeks, nothing feels better then to get home and unwind in your favorite mini dress and leggings an...

Ok, Ill stop now.

    Evening all! Lots of happenings happening over the past few weeks and since weebly is not the best place for a blog I'll keep this puppy going.

   Last week, York Regional Skills competition was held, including an animation division where high school students created a storyboard and characters to animate in a 30 second short. Their theme was imagination is more important then knowledge.

     Only one problem, they only had four hours to animate, some only with a mouse, in 2D.
    Needless to say quality suffered. It was a real shame especially considering teams (of two) that took the time to make good characters suffered in the end because they could not draw them in time. A solution I think would be to make it an animation exercise instead, such as a lift or a quick acting sound bit even, and have them create one character to work with.

   Also, in relevance to the odd title of this entry, earlier today was the first of a two day TAAFI master class with Mr. Mushu himself, Charlie Bonifacio.

  A practitioner of tai chi and animation for almost 30 years, Charlie spoke softly about the definitions of drawing, finding line, rhythm and direction as we drew everything from blind contours to gesture to other exercises I haven't tried before. There was a nice blend of old review and new incite to the whole day, and I am very much looking forward to tomorrow.

  Hats off to our model as well, who took some phenomenal poses while dressed like Penny from Disneys' Bolt. We were first asked to draw normal proportion in costume, then apply her pose to the character herself.

All for now, more for later.

Jacob Whyte

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