Thursday, 6 September 2012

A swing through the Concrete Jungle

   After a few days of slow organisation , my brother and I are all moved in to our Toronto apartment. The place is more spacious then I could have asked for and is going to be a heck of a lot more hospitable for this years workload.

   Two days ago I took a trip down to the main campus to ask if there was any help needed for the new year. I talked to Tina Seeman, director of the animation program at Max the Mutt, who was happy to hear my offer but informed I was too late. That's one thing that sets this school apart from any other I have seen; there's a real sense that every pitches in everywhere. Its not uncommon to see the director of your program throwing out the trash or washing a washroom. Of course, I'm sure when the school grows this won't be necessary, but seeing such action makes you want to push yourself to do the best job possible, since the teachers work so hard to see you do just that.

    After meeting I bought some mandatory anatomy books and headed out for the first years first day celebratory BBQ.  Everything was going smoothly until one of the first year students went into epileptic shock and fell to the cement a few feet in front of the burger stand. Paramedics were called, CPR was employed, and apart from a bump on the head and, worst of all, embarrassment he was fine. Heck of a first day.

Top: A watercolour painting from first year.                Bottom: An image from an animation based on the game Max Payne

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