Sunday, 23 September 2012

Good Art

"The difference between success and failure in the art world is whether or not it evokes an approprate emotional response." Rob Corbett.

 Hey out there! Sorry for lack of entries but I've been busy enough with school to even take the time to upload, but no more!

Classes are going well, Acting with animation being the standout for the moment due to the introspective knowledge from our teacher Rob. Anatomy and Animal drawing are most likely going to be my biggest issues, as so far both teachers have asked for nothing but quick yet accurate drawings, and are going to be increasing expectations quickly. As far as animation, the class is going well as both I and Bruno were impressed with my jumping fat man. Ill post when I can and am very excited for a new project. As far as Max payne, im drastically decreasing its original length to hopefully be able to finish on time. However, since Ive already begun animating the original legth version, ill probably finish it on my own time.

Anyway, enjoy the work!

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