Monday, 10 September 2012

The Big 2-0

Well, I survived my twentieth lap around the sun, and despite what the calender tells me, I swear my lap time gets faster every year...

First day of school today, and already Im realizing this year will be far more demanding then last. Cartooning consisted of reviewing old covers of the new yorker, as well as other comics, and drawing some select few characters from them (see below). Our general meeting came afterwards, which turns out to be basically a class in itself. Where last year we mainly used the time to talk about how things were going, for this meeting we were assigned an animation exercise as well as a few pages from a package of posed disney characters to draw from, all due next week.

Finally animation, assigned to animate a large individual jumping from one class to another. Our teacher Bruno seems very layed back at first, but he openly explained how he is going to push us to do our best at every asset, which im looking forward too.

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